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Human and Social Sciences

Economic Development of the Russian Far East and Far North Regions

Exploring possibilities for collaboration with local governments and companies in Hokkaido

We are conducting international joint research on the feasibility of sustainable economic development in the Far East and Far North regions of Russia. The problems faced by these regions have much in common with those of Hokkaido, and there are many points that can be helpful in considering Hokkaido's economic development.

Content of research

Russia's Far East and Far North regions share similarities with Hokkaido in that development has been driven by resource utilization and national defense needs. They are also similar in that the development of the manufacturing industry has lagged behind that of other regions in the country. The purpose of my research is to clarify what kind of sustainable economic development is possible in such a region. While performing quantitative and statistical economic analysis based on socioeconomic indicators myself, I am conducting this joint research through international and interdisciplinary collaboration with experts in geology, sociology, political science, international relations, environmental studies and other fields. Conducting field surveys with these experts also has great significance for this research. Since these regions are looking for ways to develop their economic relations with neighboring countries, it provides many potential business opportunities for Hokkaido.

  • Reindeer meat processing plant on the Yamal Peninsula

  • A freshwater fish farm under construction near Salekhard

  • Production and Transportation of Oil and Gas in the Russian Far East

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Utilization of oil and gas resources
  • ・Investment into the resource processing sector
  • ・Export of high quality agricultural and consumer goods
  • ・Improvement of the transportation infrastructure
  • ・Utilization of the Arctic Sea Route
  • ・Development of the travel industry

Appealing points to industry and local governments

I believe that I can provide appropriate advice on the available socioeconomic statistics and their meaning, not only for Russia as a whole, but also for its Far Eastern and Far Northern regions. I believe that local governments and businesses in Hokkaido can take advantage of the fact that it is geographically, meteorologically, and culturally closest to these regions of the regions in Japan.