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Thermo-acoustic vibration: 1

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  • Analysis of Thermo-acoustic Vibration Generated by Combustion Equipment

    Thermo-acoustic vibrations often occur in combustion devices and combustion gas exhaust systems, causing noise and reducing the life of the combustion devices. This is caused by acoustic pressure fluctuations coupled with heat generation fluctuations in combustion and exhaust systems. With this study, we analyze this physical process and investigate the suppression technology.


    Thermo-acoustic vibrations are often generated in combustion equipment and combustion gas exhaust systems, leading to noise generation and reduction of the life of combustion equipment. This is caused by acoustic pressure fluctuations linked to heat generation fluctuations in the combustion and exhaust systems, and we are analyzing the physical processes that cause these fluctuations and investigating techniques to suppress them. With this study, a single circular tube is filled with a combustible premixed gas that is ignited at one end, and a thermo-acoustic vibration phenomenon that occurs during flame propagation in the tube is used. Various boundary conditions (open end condition, direction of propagation, composition of the gas mixture, diameter and length of the propagating tube, structure of the flame surface, etc.) are applied to this propagation phenomenon to induce the thermo-acoustic vibration phenomenon, and the factors behind it can then be understood using the combustion instability analysis method. The vibration phenomena reproduced here are observed in a simplified system, but they are general phenomena and lead directly to the understanding of thermo-acoustic vibration phenomena that occur in actual combustion equipment and exhaust systems.