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  • Developing Interfaces that Read Users’ Intentions

    Controlling robots and mice freely

    We are developing interfaces that make it possible for users and machines to learn from each other and to operate machines as the users intend. It also facilitates the control of robots and other machines, and input with pointing devices such as mice and trackballs.


    For a user to operate a multi-degree-of-freedom robot such as a humanoid robot, it is necessary to remember which commands correspond to which operations, and the more commands there are, the harder it becomes for the user. Since it is usually difficult to prepare a set of commands that are easy to remember and use for all, there is no guarantee that the interface created will be easy to use. With this research, we read the user's intentions through the interaction between the user and the machine, and construct an interface that the user can operate intuitively. As a result, we can develop easy-to-use interfaces that match the characteristics of individual users. We are also applying this technology to the development of an air mouse and air trackball that can be operated without a device by sensing the movement of the hand operating the mouse or trackball.