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Manufacturing Technology

Automatic Recognition System for Symmetry and Regularity of Shapes

Exhaustive extraction of face-symmetric, axisymmetric, and regular arrangement patterns from 3D mesh models, measured point clouds, FEM meshes, etc.

This software extracts symmetrical subregions and regularly arranged grid or radial regions from 3D measurement data of lasers and X-ray CT scans fully automatically.
It is useful for reverse engineering and the generation of 3D-CAD data and FEM meshes.

Content of research

This software can automatically and comprehensively extract the symmetry and regularity of shape patterns that appear on the surface of 3D mesh models measured by laser/X-ray CT scanning, 3D measurement point groups, FEM finite element meshes, etc. None of these functions are available with conventional commercial software. This software has a wide range of applications, including automatic reference surface generation and model shaping of 3D-CAD data for reverse engineering, generation of reduced element size models (1/4 models, etc.) and shaping of element boundaries in FEM preprocessors, as well as quantitative symmetry inspection of manufactured products. It is also possible to automatically extract various shapes of regular array (rectangular, radial, etc.) that correspond to pattern features in 3D-CAD data. It can also be applied to the generation of BIM (Building Information Model) from laser measurements.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Reverse engineering
  • ・FEM mesh generation from X-ray CT measurement data
  • ・Inspection of machine parts by laser scanning
  • ・Reduction of NC data for mold processing
  • ・Automatic BIM generation from measurement data

Appealing points to industry and local governments

We hope to conduct joint research with manufacturers and FEM analysis contractors who have problems with the quality of FEM analysis mesh generation, as well as software development vendors handling reverse engineering and FEM pre-posting, and mold manufacturers and machine tool manufacturers who expect to utilize symmetry with reverse engineering and CAM.

Intellectual property related to this research

特許第4568843号 「解析曲面セグメンテーション装置、方法、プログラム及び記録媒体」