Hokkaido University Research Profiles

Information and Communication

Event Information Recommendation System

A system that collects data from a few weeks before an event to the day of the event and recommends appropriate event information.

Although event information was only valid for a short time and it was hard to handle it with conventional information recommendation technology, we have developed a flexible recommendation method by combining multiple factors such as user interest and geographic characteristics.

Content of research

The system estimates the genres and information sources that a user prefers based on the user’s past information browsing history, and assesses the event information that the target user is interested in by referring to the browsing trends of users with similar interests. It also takes into account the geographic characteristics of the user and finally presents the information to him/her. The timing of information distribution is adjusted throughout the system so that the overall system performance can be improved.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Information recommendation
  • ・Market analysis
  • ・Questionnaire survey

Appealing points to industry and local governments

In the Harmonic Systems Engineering Laboratory, we are conducting research to create new types of information services and make society more convenient by applying artificial intelligence and information engineering technologies. Our research does not only cover basic research but also the actual implementation of services in society.