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Development of Rolled Gauze for Aspiration Prevention

Aiming at patient safety

Rolled cotton is frequently used in dental treatment, but aspiration accidents continue to occur. Therefore, we are developing an anti-aspiration rolled gauze that can be used as an alternative to rolled cotton currently in use, and to further reduce the cost.

Content of research

Dental rolls are routinely used in dental treatment to absorb moisture and apply pressure, but accidents due to aspiration are often reported, and in some unfortunate cases it has resulted in the death of patients.
Therefore, to make rolled cotton safer to use and reduce the number of accidents caused by aspiration, we decided to thread it. Since it is difficult to sew thread on conventional cotton rolls due to the processing, and there is a risk of the thread coming off, we developed aspiration prevention rolled gauze. In addition to preventing aspiration, this gauze roll has the advantage of preventing misplacement and making it easier to remove. It also has the same water absorbency and absorption speed as conventional rolled cotton.

  • Example of pediatric use
    Cases of use during fluoride application
    A character sticker attached to the end of the thread can also assist with treatment.

  • Example of use for elderly people
    The tongue side, which can easily cause accidental ingestion, is also threaded for safety.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Repair procedures
  • ・Root canal treatment
  • ・Implants
  • ・Prosthetic procedures
  • ・Fluoride application

Appealing points to industry and local governments

This invention is necessary for safer dental treatment, and we hope that people will use the anti-aspiration rolled gauze for various dental procedures. Since the technology is not very new, we would like to develop a low-cost manufacturing method in cooperation with companies that can process this kind of material.

Intellectual property related to this research

特許第5710963号  「医療用糸付きガーゼ」