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Manufacturing Technology

Development of Technology for Generation and Measurement of Topological Light Waves

Topological light waves, such as optical vortices, are expected to be applied to the microfabrication of materials, large-capacity information communication, and super-resolution microscopy thanks to their unique properties. In our laboratory, we are currently developing light sources and measurement techniques for the application of topological light waves.

Content of research

As shown in Fig. 1, optical vortices have a helical phase distribution and a donut-shaped intensity distribution in the beam cross-section. These properties can be used to realize microscopes demonstrating performance that far exceeds the spatial resolution of conventional optical microscopes and nanometer-order microfabrication. In our laboratory, we are conducting research and development to enable further new applications by combining this kind of light with ultrashort optical pulses, which are extremely short in duration (10-12 to -15 seconds). We have succeeded in generating ultrashort optical vortex pulses that can computer-control the helical phase and has a peak power of several tens of GW. We have also succeeded in developing a completely new method for instantaneous measurement of the helical phase (Fig. 2). We are now applying these originally developed fundamental technologies to material processing and communication technologies.

  • Fig. 1 Intensity and phase distribution of the optical vortex

  • Fig. 2 Conceptual diagram of spirality measurement

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Material microfabrication
  • ・Laser tweezers
  • ・Increasing the information communication capacity
  • ・Super-resolution microscope

Appealing points to industry and local governments

We have succeeded in developing advanced and state-of-the-art substrate technologies that enable completely new applications. We hope to use these technologies not only for material control such as processing, but also for information communication.