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Information and Communication

Nano Knowledge Exploration Project

Knowledge discovery from experimental records of nanocrystalline devices

In this research, we are studying knowledge management to extract and organize useful information for device development from experimental records and papers compiled in the process of research and development of nanocrystal devices.

Content of research

In this presentation, we propose an experiment record management system based on interviews with researchers in actual nanocrystal device development. The system proposes an integrated method for the management of records of parameters used in experiments that have been stored and recorded separately, as well as the resulting experimental records. In addition, by extracting information from the paper summarizing the final experiment, we propose a method for analyzing the purpose and characteristics of a series of experiments conducted by researchers in detail, and for using it as the basis for discussing similarities between various cases. With this method, we are proposing a method of extracting useful information from unknown papers by using machine learning methods on a corpus of information manually extracted by a few people.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Literature search support for the development of various nanocrystal devices
  • ・Support for examining experimental conditions by using experimental records

Appealing points to industry and local governments

Research on the extraction of information from nanocrystal device development papers is still in its infancy, unlike research in bioinformatics. With this research, we have created a unique corpus of papers on nanocrystal device development papers, showing the direction of how to utilize papers in a different way than before.

2022/6/22Update ,2022/5/27Released