Hokkaido University Research Profiles

Manufacturing Technology

Multi-physics Simulation

To clarify the coupled phenomena of electromagnetism, heat, fluid, and structure

We simulate multiphysics phenomena such as electromagnetism, heat, fluid, and structure. We conduct comprehensive research that covers aspects from mesh generation to the execution of simulations and visualization of the results. By observing invisible phenomena, we aim to contribute to the manufacturing field.

Content of research

We are developing our own simulation tools to analyze multi-physics phenomena such as heat, fluid, and structure, which cannot be analyzed by commercial simulation software, with a focus on electromagnetism. We carefully select the most suitable analysis method for each phenomenon, and conduct comprehensive research on mesh generation, speeding up, enlargement, and visualization (drawing) of the analysis results. We aim to apply these methods to everything from equipment performance evaluation to design. Furthermore, advanced design techniques are also possible by using the tools together with optimization algorithms and game theory.

  • Simulation of heating value distribution for induction heating

  • Simulation of air ejector nozzle injection

  • Flow simulation of magnetic fluid

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Motor
  • ・Ejectors and nozzles for optical sorting machines
  • ・Induction heater
  • ・NMR/Medical MRI
  • ・Accelerator
  • ・VR/AR education system

Appealing points to industry and local governments

Our goal is not simply to develop simulation software, but to focus on product design and performance evaluation, and work with companies on product development.