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Human and Social Sciences

Research on Internal Communication in Organizations

Communication in risk and strategic systems

I am interested in the risk communication that is formed within management organizations. Risk can be broadly classified into pure risk and dynamic risk, and I am examining how these elements shape communication within organizations and define individual and group behavior.

Content of research

The primary purpose of my research is to identify the unique communication phenomena that form within organizations. In my research on pure risk, I explored internal/external organizational public relations, especially as pertaining to product accidents and the internal risk communication in organizations handling hazardous materials. I believe that communication that is created/disturbed/diffused/structured within an organization and that has some kind of inherent meaning/value for the organization will lead to novel organizational strategies, and that is what characterizes my research and makes it unique. In this regard, I have recently been examining how social organizations (e.g., photography) are organized and the intentions of it.

  • Figure: Protests in Kiev, Ukraine (photo by the author, January 2014)
    Protest demonstrations against President Yanukovich's decision not to join the EU by people who want the country to join the EU economic zone

Potential for social implementation

  • ・A study of risk communication in organizations
  • ・Examining the communication process in a project-based organization

Appealing points to industry and local governments

I have recently also been considering how to achieve smooth communication in social organizations (e.g., municipalities, local communities, intentional groups).