Hokkaido University Research Profiles

Tourism / Community development

From Landscape to Hometown Revitalization

Creating community value through resident participation

From the perspective of landscape planning, we are researching ways to preserve and utilize the local environment by linking it to people's awareness and social understanding. In recent years, we have been practically researching how values and spatial needs that change with society, such as “health” and “funerals” can be reflected in the landscape.

Content of research

To conserve and manage local resources through resident participation, the “landscape” approach, which views the region from people's perspective, is very effective. We are developing research on people's and society's landscape perception, and conducting empirical research on how to utilize people’s place attachment in local resource management.
Environmental planning using health resorts (Kurort)
In Germany, medical insurance covers services at government-recognized recuperation and health resorts that make use of the natural environment such as hot springs, the sea, and the climate. In Japan, too, efforts are underway to create health resorts (Kurort) that combine health tourism with local health promotion.
Forest utilization as burial sites:
To utilize forest resources, we are conducting practical research on the development of forest burial sites in Japan, modeled after Germany’s examples. As a new method of managing forests, which account for 70% of Japan’s land area, we are promoting the creation of forest burial sites in various regions as a means of regional management in aging society.

  • Health resort (Kurort) in Germany

  • Forest burial sites in Germany

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Support for health resort areas (Kaminoyama City, Yufu City, Takeda City, etc.)
  • ・Establishment of forest burial sites
  • ・Support for tourism town planning (Suttsu Town, Biei Town, Biratori Town, Sobetsu Town)
  • An international comparative study of landscape perception

Appealing points to industry and local governments

We are engaging in various projects to create an environment and system to solve personal problems related to “health,” “burial” and other general human concerns by utilizing the natural environment. By coordinating industry-academia-government collaborations, we conduct practical research on landscape planning that leads to social contribution.