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An Idea-supporting Multimedia Search System

An information retrieval system that organically links images, video and other data to help searchers find inspiration and ideas.

The idea-supporting multimedia search system organically links unstructured data such as images, music and video, extracts inherent similarities and effectively presents them to searchers to help them find ideas and inspiration.

Content of research

We have succeeded in establishing associations and similarities between different media, and developed an associative search scheme that takes ambiguity of multimedia information into consideration (fused search). We have also realized a new search engine and interface by quickly introducing modeling of personal preferences through user networks and visualization of similarities in preferences through user interfaces (personal adaptive search). Use of the search engine and interface enables a completely new search that effectively utilizes the polysemy and ambiguity inherent in multimedia contents.

  • Image Vortex, an image retrieval system, has been commercialized and is used as Image Cruiser. (http://spir.ist.hokudai.ac.jp/shiga_photo.html)

  • ・Associative video search engine (Video Vortex)

  • ・Triggerless information recommendation system (Query is You! & COSMOS)

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Big data analysis, marketing based on large quantities of data, multimedia database construction, image/music/video search

Appealing points to industry and local governments

In the Laboratory of Media Dynamics, we are working to elucidate the mechanisms of human audiovisual recognition and realize state-of-the-art recognition theory, restoration algorithms and next-generation coding schemes based on these mechanisms. By building on these results, we aim to realize next-generation multimedia systems that can recognize images, music and video in the same way as people do.

Intellectual property related to this research

PCT/JP2008/071803 「画像分類装置および画像分類プログラム」
(日本:特許第5229744号  米国:特許第8,180,161号 独:特許第602008052912.6号 英:特許第2216749号 仏:特許第2216749号) 
PCT/JP2009/055315 「動画検索装置および動画検索プログラム」
(日本:特許第5339303号  欧州:09721452.2)
PCT/JP2008/069193 「類似画像検索装置」
(日本:特許第5322111号  米国:特許第8,180,162号  欧州:08847718.7)
PCT/JP2009/069005 「コンテンツ検索装置およびコンテンツ検索プログラム」
(日本:特許第5344715号  米国:特許第9,077,949号)

Licensable intellectual property related to this research

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