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Life Sciences

Micro-/nano-patterns Created with Biomaterials

Bio-based micro-/nano-patterns that mimic biological structures for application to cell culture tools and tissue regeneration

Using biomaterials such as collagen and dental materials, we are producing micro-/nano-patterns that mimic biological structures. Depending on the shape of the pattern and the type of material, it can lead to the improvement of cell functions. While pursuing new possibilities, we aim to apply our technology to cell culture tools and periodontal tissue regeneration.

Content of research

In this study, we are using nanoimprinting to pattern typical biomaterials. We hope that the designed micro-/nano-scale shapes can be used to control cell functions and contribute to the development of novel cell culture tools and tissue regeneration.
● Comparison with conventional technology: It is characterized by unprecedented production of regular biomaterial patterns, and is expected to contribute to the discovery of new functions. (*Conventionally, irregular, flat or industrial plastics)
● Effectiveness: Patterning greatly improves the number of cells attached and the degree of elongation compared to flat surfaces. It also makes it easy to align cells in grooves. This can lead to the 3D construction of extracellular matrix (ECM).
● Future vision: We aim to regenerate tissues with a similar structure as that of living organisms by developing patterned materials not only in a flat plane but also in 2.5 and 3 dimensions through further layering.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Cell culture tools with biomimetic patterns
  • ・A new cell culture dish that can be used to arrange cells
  • ・Culture carrier for periodontal tissue regeneration
  • ・Surface treatment of implants and other medical materials

Appealing points to industry and local governments

We are working toward the launch of this research through trial and error day after day. Since micro-/nano-patterns have many potential applications, novel ideas are important. Therefore, we are looking for companies that are willing to conduct joint research in various fields.