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Control of Sedimentation and Diffusion Behavior Using the Collectivity of Particles in Liquid

Free control of the settling behavior of particles

We introduce technologies to accelerate the sedimentation rate and control the dispersion behavior of particles in complex channels by taking advantage of the collective nature of particles observed when there is a difference in the concentration of the suspension.

Content of research

We propose technologies to actively control the sedimentation rate and dispersion behavior by effectively using the collective nature of particles in liquid caused by concentration differences. When suspension conditions change, heterogeneously dispersed particles show collective sedimentation behavior. We aim to understand the behavior of particles near the concentration interface, which is closely associated with such collective behavior, to actively use it to promote sedimentation, control dispersion and improve transport efficiency, all of which are important in various engineering processes.

Potential for social implementation

  • ・Accelerating the sedimentation of fine particles
  • ・Increasing the transportation speed
  • ・Improving the solid-liquid separation efficiency
  • ・New wet sorting system
  • ・Prediction and control of dispersibility in complex channels

Appealing points to industry and local governments

It is expected to be applied in various engineering fields, such as chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, environmental engineering and resources engineering. We welcome innovative ideas from industrial circles.